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Pleasure to see you here. This is my personal webspace. Listen! P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.! This means mine and nobody's else. Here I do and put what I want, what I find right, interesting and so on. Do it the way I like. And no angry boss (he's not angry, but you never know), relative or other very clever guy will tell me Aidas, this is not right, bad, take it off or change. Well, he can say that, but I do have right to personal opinion and will not change it easily (without strong arguments).

Right, biggest projects: Aitvaras IRC network ircop (monas), developer of ipsec-tools, wrote little (in Lithuanian) about perl programming language.

A number of small patches are submitted to number of projects. You probably have heard about some of them: zvon (XSLT Reference), Mozilla (#130070), mod_ssl.

I do take photos from time to time. Some results are here. No, I'm not an artist [think, don't criticize too harsh; but if you have something to tell constructively –– always welcome]. What I like to do is see from the angle which is different to common one. But... let results speak for themselves. I hope not a lot of them will be categorised as Здесь был Ваня. And sorry, most titles of photos are in lithuanian. Maybe one day...

On the other hand people do take photos of me. As proof of that photos in this page are not constant. Try to reload this page. ;-) [at least the idea was to make them different].

Not so much for the first time. But chinese say that even longest way starts from the first step. So, the first step is made. And we will see where this road will guide us.

Sincerely Yours,

P.S. O, btw, there is an e-mail address constructed from my name and domain (2 words).

* I hope that neither President of Lithuania Valdas ADAMKUS, nor Bitė GSM have patent for this word used for greeting and I do have right to use it here ;-).

© 2005—2008, Aidas Kasparas